Officially called the Realm of Tsibar, but known simply as the Realm to most people, Tsibar is the Norther half of the Dividing Stretch.


In general, the Realm is known for its strict order and strong rule. Ruled by an Emperor with complete power, there is also a Magistar of Order who is considered the legal authority, and controls all the courts and hearings within the Realm.

Tsibar also boasts of a strong military presence. Its main force, the Advanced Navy, patrols its borders and is known react very harshly against any attempts to enter into the Realm illegally. On top of this, the wall which surrounds the Realm is kept vigilant by the group known only as the Watch. When each boy reaches the age of 14, he is required to serve a term of at least two years along the wall before he is considered a legal member of the Realm.

Royal Family

The current Royal Family consists of the Emperor Pizu (who is only refereed to as Emperor), his son Sazu and daughter Nirah. Because the Emperor’s wife remains hidden in order to protect the image of the Emperor, the true identity of the children’s mother remains secret.


Ascension Azeal