The southern most continent in Gaia, Midkimea is considered by most to be the most stable of the countries in existence.


The governmental structure of Midkimea is relatively straightforward. Ruled by its Monarch in Borlen, the royal court consists of each of the major Houses, as well as some of the lesser known Houses trying to gain favor with the King/Queen. Each of the major Houses rules as local lords in their respective areas, but ultimately they must answer to the King/Queen. In the past, rule has been even keeled and respected, with a few exceptions.

The Major Houses

The following is a list of the Major houses, with a small description of where they can be found, as well as their general reception by the public:

  • House of Grimstone : The largest House, which resides in the Southeast. Known for its shipbuilding, it also has a decent sized fishing market.
  • House of Nordthan : Northeastern House. Provides wood for Grimstone’s ships, as well as for other Houses.
  • House of Isheal : Northwestern House. Isheal provides the farming and fishing for most of the continent, along with the Grimstone House.
  • House of Redmoor : The Western Great House. Is known for its jewelry and general mining skills due to the Skyroof Mountains.

The Presence of the Church

Because the temple of Eshu is located here, the Church has a pretty strong influence. However, they do not have any real influence on polices of the Kingdom. Instead, the city of Eshu is granted immunity from most laws except for the most basic, and those of the clergy are given respect in other cities. Because of this, the Holy Alliance views Midkimea favorably.


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