City of Orso


The first city to be founded after the recession of the Gods, Orso is a town known for its free thinking and stunning inventions. It also guards the nearby Cerva Canal.


Set up as a republic, Senators are elected from the general public as well as the heads of each of the Guilds within the city. They create the law, and the city guard enforces it with a pretty even hand. In general, the public and the government interact in a genial manner, and the city is heralded as the model of human achievement.


Excluding the city and canal guard, Orso does not have a strong military presence in Gaia. A few airships stand by for aide of events, but there are not many men to arm them or pilot them.


Within the city, Guilds have flourished under the free rule of the senate, and the open-mindedness of the people. They do have corresponding guilds in some of the other towns around Gaia, but none match the size of those within Orso. Each guild has its own Leader and hierarchy.

  • Shipwrights Guild : Workers involved in the production of ships around Orso. They have a strong influence on the workings of the Cerva Canal as well.
  • Airship Guild : Those who help in the creation and advancement of the Airships of Orso. Because of the high level of technology involved, the airship blueprints are highly secretive, and anyone found to have betrayed the guild has been dealt with harshly in the past.
  • Guild of Inventors : A guild whose sole purpose in the creation of new and improved gadgets and vehicles. They are considered to be the most open of groups, and generally individuals of the Guild are contracted to work for specific clients for a job.
  • Merchants Guild : A group of shopkeepers dedicated to controlling their own markets and supplies. They also work with the other guilds in order to ensure products are put out for the right customer, and for the right price.
  • Martial Guild : Those interested in practicing the different martial arts, as well as weapons practice. They have also invested time in training those who are poor how to hunt within The Thin Glade. Originally, they started as a few Martial arts schools that banded together to ensure their survival, and have been present ever since.
  • Performers Guild : Simply, it is composed of those interested in the performance, quality, and production of music and theatre in all forms.
  • Guild of Archaeology and Magical Appraisal : The most specialized of the Guilds, the Guild of archaeology and magical appraisal deals with the oddities that have come up in the history of Gaia. They work heavily with the nobles of Orso and Library at Canter Isle to discover what happened in our history, and to categorize new events that cant be explained.

In general, the Guilds are respectful and helpful to each other, occasionally contract work to another guild. However, rivalries are not uncommon either, and happen many times between stubborn leaders.

Church Presence in Orso

Because the Temple of Ammu is present just within the City walls, the Church does have a strong presence within the city. They are also allowed one member to join the senate (it cant be the leader however, since they can use to much magic to influence decisions).

City of Orso

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