There are 5 Gods in which the Church believes in:

  • Ammu: God of creation and preservation. He is the considered by some to be the most powerful god, because of his sacrifice for Man.
  • Mujay: Goddess of fertility, farming, cleanliness.
  • Ogun: God of rage, war, and destruction.
  • Leza: Goddess of change, independence and hope.
  • Eshu: God of creativity, deceit, dreams, and tricks.

Origin of Man

In summary, the god Ammu wanted to create a being of substance, a being that could communicate and prove the might of the gods themselves. However, because He was only the God of creation, everything he tried to create remained static, without natural thought or inventive spirit. In order to create something that could change and effect things around it, Ammu had to ask the 5 other gods to help give Man something that would set him apart. So, Man received a gift from each God that would make him different from plants or animals. Mujay gave Man the gift of farming- of being able to control the world around him with order. From Leza, Mans ability to change, and to hope. Eshu showed Man how to creative, and to think different things. Ogun taught mankind how to fight, and how to survive. And finally, Ammu gave his own gift- the power to create whatever we were able to think of.

Disappearance of Gods

After the creation of Man, the Church teaches that the Gods watched as their power returned slowly after their creation. Upon seeing how man went to treat the planet and each other, many began to feel that what they had done was a mistake, and that they needed to remove some of the gifts they gave to Man before he became like themselves. Ammu treasured man however. Eventually, Ammu gave up his Godhood to protect man. His intelligence became apart of the world, allowing man to draw from it. His power remained his, because it could not be given to one thing without destroying it. And his spirit was split into hundreds of smaller spirits. By doing so Ammu unconsciously forced the remaining four to as well, leaving Man alone and able to thrive on its own. The official church was set up after the recession of the Gods, and humans began to worship the power of the old gods who gave them their characteristics. Because of this, the Church is still very wary about some mechanical and scientific breakthroughs. They fear that our ascendance towards godhood could bring the attention from the slumbering Gods, as well as their anger.

Structure of the Church

The Church is set up with each temple as its own state, with all having the same say in the main land government.

Each temple is led by a Elan, who is said to have embodied the God themselves. Their word is law within their own temple, though it is restrained by their own holy books. Also in each temple is a separate clergy whose structure varies between each temple, but have a few commonalities. They all have small guard for each temple, as well as enough troops to have a small presence is a few cities. Each also has a second in command who acts as more of a everyday ruler for the sects. The positions true name varies for each temple, but the public refers to them as the Councilor.

Each Temple is generally open to the public at all times, except when certain meetings and rituals are being performed. However, even then most rituals are done within closed doors in the Temple, and only the largest of religious events would effect the public’s entrance to a temple.

Most church members are aligned with their God in some form, and in doing so have been granted abilities in accordance with their faith.


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