Canter Isle


Founded by Alex Canter after the recession of the Gods, Canter Isle represents a neutral place of learning for any who seek it. Not much else is known about the island, since most of its secrets are kept within its vaults, and those with access to the vaults tend to stay on the island.


Although Canter Isle capitol is considered to be the Canter library, there is really no true government set up here. The arch-librarian runs the island, and is elected for a life term to serve those who come to learn. Throughout history, the Arch-Librarian (sometimes just called Master) has led the island with a gentle and tolerant hand of most types of people, those of science and religion.


They have a small force set to defend the island (ironically coined as “the bookkeepers” long ago) that serves to protect the island and the inhabitants from the wildlife that inhabits the island with them.

Canter Isle

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