Tricks and Illusions

  • The party (or what will be the party) meets up in front of Zeke’s shop at dawn as requested by the noblemen they all had the misfortune to know.
  • Finally introduces himself as Edward Cord, merchant of Orso.
  • Explains that recently, he has had certain merchandise removed from his care while on route from the plagued plains, and would like the Zeke, Aden, Kato, and Charles to take care of this for him. He also brings along his crippled nephew, who he doesn’t seem to have much love for, to help as a guide for the party.

So the party leaves. After finding a boat to secure them passage, they arrive at Middleton to start their search on the next day.

  • As they are talking through the Thins, both Zeke and Alvaro notice something usual on the right of the trial. On closer inspection, it seems like an area void of animals, and with a faint feel of magic around it.
  • After securing their own mule (through slightly devious methods) they follow the faint cart paths along until they find a very large stump surrounded by a rind of large trees.

The stump is from a very old and large tree, with many curling rings on its surface, and the party notices that someone has written the word “illusion” on the side.

As the party is deciding above the stump what this place is and whats going on, the stump’s rings form a face and ask the party if they are going to ask him the questions or not?

  • With surprise, the party begins questioning the pretty rude, loud, and very Irish stump questions.
  • After a few minutes, the stump gets angry and yells “I am no illusion!” which is followed by a flash of light.

The party is then found to be in the same clearing, but the word illusion on the stump and the face are gone. When they try to exit the same way they came, they find themselves in a new area. What follows in a confusion of illusions, mazes, and different puzzles as the party tries to figure out where they are. After much wandering and puzzle confusion (involving knights, shifting sands, and large treehouses), the party finally enters into a clearing with a mansion in the distance.

  • At this point, Zeke tells the party that in the mansion there seems to only be three men in the entrance, someone on the third floor, and another presence in the basement.
  • Aden decides he is going to knock on the Mansion door. Genius.
  • Immediately a flurry of activity occurs behind the door, and three men cautiously come out of the door.
  • As the rest of the party hides behinds hedges, or expertly sarcasm in rose bushes, Zeke instead is grinning like a fool in the middle of the road.
  • However, the men don’t seem to notice him or any of the rest of the party, and they reenter and lock the house again.

After their close call, the party decides perhaps scouting the rest of the grounds is a better idea then walking through the front door. They find the stables with the goods in a cart, and Alvaro goes against his Uncles wishes and opens the cart to find Ornate pots with a strange metal embellishment all along the outside. Aden finds that there is a back exit area, however its locked with what appears to their inexperienced eyes as a very complicated lock. They decide they need to get they key from inside the house.

To do so, Zeke goes to the front of the house again, and through his psychic abilities, makes one of the guards there imagine that the horses have somehow left the stables and need to be wrangled. He and another guard sprint down to the stables.

At the same time, Aden and Alvaro are discussing the urns they have found when they here the shouting of the guards. With little time, Alvaro enters into the cart, and Aden ties the cart back up as best as he can. As the guards approach, Kato and Charles leave through the back window. Right before Aden leaves as well, an idea occurs…

When the guards open up the stable doors, Aden whips the horses attached to the cart, and they run into the entrance. One guards is able to throw himself to the side and avoid much injury, but the other is stomped into the ground by the horses and cart. Aden quickly stops the cart, and runs and takes the remaining guard hostage.

Aden then forces the guard to open up the tarp on the cart so as to release Alvaro, who has no idea whats going on. Alvaro immediately pops out of the cart and punches the guard as hard as possible in the face, and knocks him out. Alvaro then dons the guards clothes, and they proceed to the front of the house with the groggy guard.

After their prisoner knocks on the door and gets it open, a fight break out between the group and the guard. However, Alvaro convinces him to run away at the threat of his friend’s death. The party has now taken the mansion.

Alvaro checks the basement, and finds that there is a girl prisoner down there. With some difficulty, he is able to help the girl to the top floor, where Aden heals her so she may rest peacefully. All are now in agreement that the boss man must pay for what he has done.

As they enter the third floor, they are greeted with another puzzle, and instead of trying to sneak into the door on the other side, simply knock again. A crazed man and his wolf burst out of the doors.

After a long fight in which Aden is seriously hurt, the party has killed the wolf, and the man lies close to death at the side of the room. The adventure continues!



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