This will be a short post, as it is a recap from a while ago.

After defeating the psychic in the mansion, the party quickly left with the urns and their new female friend. After arriving in Middleton safely, they discovered two things- that the girls name was Tarah, and that these urns might actually be used to curry drugs up from the plagued plains. After some deliberation, the party decided to continue on, and then forget about this in an attempt to distance themselves from Edward Cord. This worked a little too well, as Edward got pissed upon seeing his cart looked into, and with many threats told them to leave.

After regrouping at Zeke’s Shop, Tarah came down to tell them that her father would very much like to meet them if they wanted a place to get away too for a few weeks. As the party agreed, she told them that transportation would be coming in a week. This transportation came in the form of an airship taking them to Redmoor, a division of Midkemia.

Upon arriving, the party was greeted with much fan fare, and eventually knighted by the Lord Darik of Redmoor. Lord Darik apologized that he couldn’t bestow any great gifts, as their realm was in a sort of disarray at the moment. Eventually, Darik asked the parties help in taking back a mine that had long been abandoned do to a summon that had been released after a summoners death.



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